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    Love writing optimized codes and wear always good clothes

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About Me

Who Am I?

I've 4+ years of experience working at a product + client-based firm. I like to engage with new tech, with that I can make something beautiful. Apart from coding, I like to involve myself in current affairs, sometimes writing technical articles plus I like to be in style and also I'm running a YouTube channel to help others with fashion stuff. A new hobby that I discovered.

I believe you can't control everything, live free until you can.

Harsh who loves,

Writing Good Code

UI/UX + Photoshop

Men's Fashion

I am happy to tell you
that I've 4+ years of experience with REACT + NODE.

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Writing Code

Love to write minimal, efficient, and optimized code. Always prefer the best and fast way to implement.

Computer Geek

I like to keep myself updated with current affairs, latest technology or any useful information.


In free time I always research about men's fashion. I also like to share that with the needy ones.

My Specialty

My Skills

Sometimes I make mistakes, learn from them and keep moving on.


(Vanilla, jQuery, ReactJs, VueJS, NodeJs)




(CSS3, BootStrap)


(Apollo GQL, Postgraphile)


(Gitlab CI/CD, Docker)


(MongoDb, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB)


I've completed my bachelor's degree from Babria Institute of Technology (Gujarat, India) in 2017.

I got 8.00 CGPA and My love for coding started from there and still going on :P

I've completed my High school edcation from Shree Swami Narayan High School.. I was in HSEB board and In my final year I got 75%.

I've completed my school edcation from Shree Swami Narayan School. I was with GSEB board. In my final year I got 85%.


Work Experience

Full Stack Developer - Apps Magnet March - 2020 To Current.

Appsmagnet is a product-based company. It has three products i.e Putler, Icegram, and Storeapps and I'm working with putler. It's a business analytics tool and it helps you to analyze your business insights, stats, customers, products, and many more. Here I mainly handle frontend UI/UX. Putler is built with React JS. Backend of Putler is built with Node JS and GraphQL. Sometimes I do work on APIs improvements and API development. Here we use postgres as our main database along with clickhouse for some additional operations.

Full Stack Developer - Pardy Panda Studios Nov - 2019 To March - 2020

I worked over a Hotel Management project with Node JS as a Backend and a React JS as a frontend. Where I create REST APIs using express and node. Here my main responsibility was to create REST APIs. There are several modules like door event management, reservations management, in-room dining management, meeting places managements, payment processors, etc. We used many third party APIs for this project like Agilysys System for booking handling, AssaAbloy APIs for door event management. With react JS I created an admin dashboard for the hotel admin users. WIth dashboard, they can perform CRUD operations on various details like hotel property, room types, etc. I have integrated Gitlab CI/CD using docker for this project and also wrote unit test cases that will check before the production release.

Full Stack Developer - Office Beacon April - 2017 To Nov - 2018

Here I worked on several projects that include frontend as well as backend both. A major project that we developed was a dynamic website builder with predefined components using Grapes JS, Vue JS, and Feathers JS. I created Micro APIs, Tested back-end APIs and Created a Googleauth-micro NPM package for Google Signup using Micro JS. The main technologies that I worked on are Vue JS, Feathers JS, Node JS, Grapes JS, and Microservices.

My Work

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